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CalTPA Updates

Q&A from CalTPA Update Webinar on March 1, 2017 PDF document

Preparation Programs

How are programs selected for participation in the pilot?

All Commission-approved preliminary educator preparation programs are eligible to apply to participate in the pilot.

For the CalTPA pilot, programs must request and be granted a waiver of the current TPA requirement for any of their candidates who participate in the pilot. For this reason, to participate in the CalTPA pilot, programs must meet the following criteria.

  1. Be in good standing with the Commission in meeting all Preliminary Multiple and/or Single Subject Teaching Credential Program Standards
  2. Agree to fully participate in the pilot study, including:
    • Working with the program and Commission staff to select a diverse group of candidates by January 2017 to participate in the pilot
    • Providing participating candidates the same level of support for taking the pilot CalTPA as is provided to all other candidates taking a teaching performance assessment
    • Ensuring that all participating candidates have a fair and equitable opportunity to complete all parts of the pilot CalTPA and submit scoreable evidence by April 2017
    • Providing pilot candidates who do not meet the expected performance level with remedial support and the opportunity to complete the program's current approved teaching performance assessment
  3. Contribute to an appropriately diverse pool of pilot participants that includes different types of programs and program structures, candidates, geographic regions, and content areas
How many candidates will be allowed to participate in the pilot from my program?

For the CalAPA pilot, the target minimum number of participants is 150 candidates across all types of preliminary administrator preparation programs.

For the CalTPA pilot, the CTC has established a maximum target of 435 responses across all MS/SS credential subject areas. The CTC will draw a sample based on pre-set criteria to ensure a valid and reliable pilot test and to reflect the diversity of program types, sizes, candidates served, institutional affiliations, and service areas in California. Not all programs that express interest may be selected, and not all candidates from those programs selected may be able to participate.

What is my role as the CalAPA or CalTPA Pilot Coordinator?

The Pilot Coordinator recruits and manages participating faculty and candidates for the program; serves as the central point of contact for receiving and disseminating pilot information and materials; and ensures the program is meeting all of its participation obligations. A detailed Program Pilot Support Guide forthcoming in mid-December will describe in detail your responsibilities in implementing the pilot, including documentation of administrative processes required to support that implementation, program guidelines, and policies (e.g., acceptable and unacceptable forms of assisting candidates through the pilot assessment process).

How and when will pilot materials be distributed?

A secure platform will be used for the handling and management of pilot test materials. Pilot Coordinators and their candidates will have access to this password-protected, free, web-based system during the pilot period. Once logged in, users will be able to access pilot materials, including assigned cycles (tasks) and rubrics. Candidates will upload their pilot responses to the system, and coordinators will be able to track the progress of their participating candidates. Pilot Coordinators will receive access to pilot materials within the platform in mid-December. Candidates will receive access in February.

Pilot Assessors

When will I be notified if I have been selected to be a Pilot Assessor?

Approved applicants will receive invitations for pilot scoring in early 2017.

When and where will pilot scoring take place?

Scoring for the pilot test will be conducted in late April/early May 2017. Scoring, including training and calibration, will be conducted in person in Sacramento, CA.

How long will pilot scoring take?

Pilot scoring sessions are anticipated to take 3–5 days.

Will transportation and lodging be provided for pilot scoring?

Travel and lodging will be covered for pilot scoring. Airline and train reservations will be direct-billed to Evaluation Systems. Hotel accommodations will be available for individuals who reside 50 or more miles from the scoring location. Upon confirmation of your participation, you will receive information on how to book your airline or train reservation.

Will Pilot Assessors be compensated?

Pilot Assessors will be compensated for all training, calibration, and scoring. Additional information will be provided to approved applicants with an invitation to score.

What if I need a substitute?

If you are selected as a Pilot Assessor and you are a public school teacher at the TK-12 level, Evaluation Systems will reimburse your school district for the cost of a substitute teacher if it is required for your attendance. Payment will come from Pearson and will be sent directly to your designated school/district office.

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